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Landlord FAQ

For Landlords

The Racine County Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher program can offer Landlords and Property Owners regular rental income. Tenants in the program pay a portion of the rent and HARC pays the rest -- up to a reasonable cap -- reliably and on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent my unit(s) to Housing Choice participants?
If you are interested in making your unit(s) available to people with Housing Choice vouchers, you can list your properties online at www.GoSection8.com.  

When do I get paid?
Due to processing of paperwork, the first payment from the Housing Authority is issued one to three weeks after the tenant moves into the unit and the lease and contract have been signed. After that, housing assistance payments are issued on the first business day of every month by direct deposit.

After the first 12-month lease, can I raise the contract rent with my tenant?
Yes, the process is as follows:

  1. Provide a 60-day written notice to the resident with a copy to the Housing Authority.
  2. The Housing Authority must determine if the rent is reasonable. Landlords of larger apartment complexes must provide the Housing Authority with at least three rent comparable of recently rented non-subsidized units.
  3. Staff will recalculate the Housing Authority and participant portion and notify both the landlord and participant in writing of the new figures. Federal guidelines require the Housing Authority to notify both the landlord and participant in writing at least 30 days before the change.
  4. The Housing Authority processes this new change as a month-to-month relationship. Signing of a new lease is a transaction between the landlord and the tenant. If, as a landlord you choose not to renew the lease, you must notify the Housing Authority and resident with a 30-day notice.


    What are the tenant’s responsibilities?
    Like any tenant, Section 8 participants have responsibilities to you – which should be spelled out in the lease – including timely payment of rent and utilities listed as their responsibility. To participate in the Section 8 program, tenants must use your unit as their principal residence. They cannot sublease the unit or allow unauthorized people to reside in it. Please see the Tenant Responsibilities form listed under the Housing Choice Voucher tab on this website.

    What happens if my property goes into foreclosure?
    On May 20, 2009, a 90-day pre-eviction notice requirement for tenants in foreclosed properties was made law. If your property goes into foreclosure, you must notify HARC in writing of the new owner.

    Can I terminate the tenancy of a Housing Choice Voucher program participant?
    Yes, you have the same rights with Housing Choice participants that you have with any other tenants. You can evict a tenant who violates the terms of the lease. However, any eviction notice must be issued in accordance with the lease and state and local law. During the first year, you must have cause to terminate the lease. Following the first year, if a new lease is not signed, cause is not necessary. You provide a copy of any eviction notice to the Housing Authority the same time you notify the tenant.