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Housing Choice Vouchers

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly known as Section 8) provides tenant-based assistance, in the form of a voucher, to low-income families, for rental units of their choice in the private market. Program applicants choose from a variety of housing options, including apartments, duplexes, single-family homes and townhomes. Vouchers can also be used to help families buy homes.

HARC is pleased to have a Fraud Investigation team to maintain integrity of our program.  


The Housing Choice Voucher Process:

The family will contact the prospective landlord when they find a unit they are interested in.  The landlord screens the family, conducts reference and background checks, and determines whether the family is suitable to rent their unit.

When the landlord agrees to rent the unit to the family and the family accepts, the landlord and the family need to fully complete and submit the Request for Tenancy Approval and other pertinent documents to HARC to start the leasing process.  The unit also must pass rent reasonableness.  HARC will determine if the family is income-eligible for the unit.  The payment standard and utilities are taken into consideration in determining the family’s rental portion and gross rent.  If the family is income-eligible for the unit, an inspection will be scheduled.  If the family is not income-eligible for the unit, family is notified, and the family will need to find another unit.

HARC will contact the landlord to set-up the initial inspection.  HUD requires that the unit meet certain Housing Quality Standards (“HQS”).  The leases and contracts will be executed and the Housing Assistance Payments (“HAP”) will begin providing:

·         The unit passes HQS Inspection

·         The unit meets rent reasonableness

·         The landlord and family must both sign leases and the landlord signs the HAP Contract

·         HARC’s portion of the rent will be made to the landlord by direct deposit on or close to the first of the month.



2021 Admin Plan

Key Modifications

00 Introduction.pdf

01 Overview.pdf

02 Fair Housing.pdf

03 Eligibility.pdf

04 Applications.pdf

05 Briefings.pdf

06 Income.pdf

07 Verification.pdf

08 HQS .pdf

09 Leasing .pdf

10 Moving and Portability.pdf

11 Reexaminations.pdf

12 Termination.pdf

13 Owners.pdf

14 Program Integrity.pdf

15 Special Housing Types .pdf

16 Program Administration .pdf

17 Project Based Vouchers.pdf

18 PBV under RAD Program.pdf

19 Mainstream.pdf

20 VASH.pdf

21 Foster Youth.pdf





Note:  Beginning December 1, 2015, the Housing Authority of Racine County will no longer be generating leases as we have done in the past.  Because the lease is an agreement between the tenant and the landlord, it will now be the landlord’s responsibility to complete the lease.  We have provided a sample lease here for your convenience.   All initial lease terms must be for one year.  The lease and HAP Contract dates must match.

 IF YOU HAVE NON-ASSISTED TENANTS:  You should be using the same lease for all of your tenants, whether or not they receive Housing Assistance through the Housing Authority.  If you have your own rental agreement or lease, then you should not use the sample lease that is provided.  Use your own lease.  You must also complete the tenancy addendum in addition to using your own lease.  A tenant should never have more than one lease.

Please remember that we cannot release any payments until we have an executed copy of your lease, a signed HAP Contract, and Tenancy Lease Addendum if you are not using the sample lease.